Paper - DVD compatibility of modchips!

This is the paper covering my DVD compatiblity of modchips reseach. In this paper I put several of the most well known modchips to the test and check to see if their compatibility with media (and I don't mean i.e. just not supporting rewritables) is different. Suffice to say, I was very surprised when I saw the results!

Although this is allowed by the (CC) license, please only link to my paper and do not host it yourself. If for some reason you do want to host it yourself please contact me (see my paper for contact details).

Download the paper here
Version info: 1.0 - 11th January 2008

p.s. it seems that Acrobat reader 5.0 isn't capable of opening the pdf file (it was so with the last version I expect the same this time). Though I know Acrobat reader 7.0 does a fine job.

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